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Podcast Invitations

In 2022, I was interviewed about the gut-brain axis on award-winning podcast Gastropod.

TV Appearances

In 2019 and 2020, I made two appearances on NVTV's 'The History Show' talking about the history of force feeding and the diet of the early twentieth-century Irish poor. I have also consulted on a range of BBC television programmes including The Victorian Pharmacy, Inside Michael Mosley and Women and Power. 


Radio Appearances

In 2022, I featured on episode 3 of the Near FM radio documentary Hungry Gap, Fat Friars, Food Poverty, speaking on the history of food poverty in Ireland. In 2018, I spoke about the 50th anniversary of the NHS on BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback lunchtime show. In 2014, I did a series of short interviews with RTE Radio on the subject of Ireland and the First World War.


In 2023, I consulted with Disney+ and Michael Lennox (director of Derry Girls) relating to a dramatisation of the Price Sisters. Between 2014 and 2016, I worked closely with Belfast-based film production company, FinePoint Films, who are finalising a documentary entitled Bobby Sands 1981. I have acted as historical consultant on major film productions including the 2015 biopic Suffragette.  I also offered information on Victorian anti-vivisectionist to Angelika Film Productions for a film about 19th-century medical experimentation. 



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