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I have supervised MA theses on emotional cultures among republican prisoners (1976-82),hospital care during the Northern Irish Troubles, gang culture in early-20th-century Britain, Unionist perspectives on the 1980-81 hunger strikes, shell-shock, among many over subjects.

I am Course Director for the MA in History at Ulster University, In recent years, I have introduced teaching on areas including the history of emotions, medicine and ethics, and developed a public history option. I am currently developing blended learning options which incorporate the benefits of both face-to-face and online learning. 


In 2022, I was recognised as Senior Fellow of HEA. Since 2023, I have been a member of the History UK Assessment Working Group. At Ulster University, I am an ENHANCE mentor and assessor, working with those seeking a HEA qualification. In 2023, I was appointed internally as revalidation assessor.


I currently run the following modules:

Master's: History of Medicine, Emotions and Ethics, c.1800-2000

Master's: Public History in Practice

3rd year: The Post-War Body: Medicine and Society in Britain and America, c.1945-1990

2nd year: Death, Disease and Medicine in the Victorian City, c.1800-1914

In previous positions, I have taught at University of Manchester, University of Sheffield and UCD. 

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