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I have a strong track record of supporting successful funded PhD applications. I currently supervise the following PhD projects:

  • Rebecca Brown, Blindness in 20th-Century Ireland (2022-25)

  • Hannah Brown, Experiences of Polio in 20th-Century Britain (2022-25)

  • Rebecca Watterson: Lobotomies in 20th-century Britain. (2020-23)

  • Michael Kinsella: Ulster Migrants in 19th-century Scottish asylums. (2016-23)

I have been 2nd supervisor on the following PhD project:

  • Matthew Nesbit: Concussion in Irish Sports History (2020-23)

I have successfully supervised:

  • Eugenie Scott: Cancer in Ireland, c.1800-1922. (2018-22)

  • Ruth Coon: Medical care in Northern Ireland during the Troubles (1968-98) (pass with no corrections) (2017-2021)

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