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My research has been discussed in London Review of Books, Times Literary Supplement and The New Yorker. I have written in Times Literary Supplement, Guardian and History Ireland.  I have been interviewed about my research by Sunday TimesSunday Post, Independent, Irish Times, Belfast Telegraph and The Nation

Throughout 2016, I was invited to contribute a number of pieces to The Revolution Papers, a weekly newspaper which recaptured key events in Irish history between 1916 and 1922, a period encompassing the Easter Rising and War of Independence.  

In the same year, to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Bobby Sands death, I also contributed to an Irish Times microsite. During the coronavirus crisis, I contributed pieces on race, inequality and health in places such as RTE Brainstorm.


In 2021, I took on the position of chief editor of HSTM Ireland Online, an online platform to showcase new research, reviews and ideas in Irish history of science, technology and medicine working with Max Meulendijks (independent scholar), Elena Schaa (Trinity College Dublin) and Shelby Zimmermann (Trinity College Dublin).

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