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"This book fills a significant gap in the history of modern Ireland...opens up new fields of study".

Virginia Crossman, Social History of Medicine, September 2015

"This is an ambitious book. Not content to focus on dietary change or food
culture, the author takes on nutritional science, agricultural education, colonialism applied to the body and food adulteration to name a few....historians will find much to interest them that is new and contemporary promoters of national health would be well advised to consider this historical take on their engaging book which has much to offer the social and economic historian of modern Ireland".

Juliana Adelman, Irish Economic and Social History, December 2015

"This book, which makes for a fascinating read, should be of particular interest to scientists, dieticians, and agriculturists as well as historians of science and medicine. The manner in which it maps complex and intricate interactions between a wide diversity of actors makes it of interest also to social, cultural, political and economic historians".

Anne Mac Lellan, Converse, 2015.

Reforming Food in Post-Famine Ireland: Medicine, Science and Improvement, 1845-1922 is the first dedicated study of how and why Irish eating habits dramatically transformed between the Famine and independence. It also investigates the simultaneous reshaping of Irish food production after the Famine. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the book draws from the diverse methodological disciplines of medical history, history of science, cultural studies, Irish studies, gender studies and food studies. Making use of an impressive range of sources, it maps the pivotal role of food in the shaping of Irish society onto a political and social backdrop of famine, Land Wars, political turbulence, the First World War and the struggle for independence. It will be of interest to historians of medicine and science as well as historians of modern Irish social, economic, political and cultural history.

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